[1][14] The Cumbria Hill Sheep Initiative was set up to "reassess the position and circumstances" in the aftermath of the disease; tough government restrictions in order to prevent another outbreak are still in place. £10. var __st={"a":9097490,"offset":3600,"reqid":"f573aabc-5522-4fad-b6b9-3398ebdd0dc6","pageurl":"cherchbi.co.uk\/collections\/book\/products\/herdwick-common","s":"products-1865249091","t":"lead","u":"97fac485b959","p":"product","rtyp":"product","rid":1865249091}; I have never been so excited to see a box full of grey wool before. The Herdwick is a breed of domestic sheep native to the Lake District in North West England. The cost of shearing the sheep being more than the money they could sell the fleece for. The fleece from our goats and sheep is used to produce a range of mohair and wool products. Herdwick sheep are probably the most hardy of all the UK breeds of hill sheep, grazing in the mountainous dales of the English Lake District, which has fells rising to more than 915m (3,000ft) above sea level. Using wool from her husband’s sheep, Vicky Edmondson knits a wide range of clothing of different designs and different sizes, including hats, lined cardigans, children’s jumpers … Her knitwear can be made to order. The outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in 2001 led to the destruction of many flocks, and to fears for the survival both of the breed and of the typical Lakeland sheep farming industry. Unheafed sheep might also cause overgrazing by wandering if they replaced the original Herdwicks. Every square metre sold provides funds for the HSBA. The book is unique in its contemporary presentation of this heritage-rich subject and will have local, national and international appeal. [CDATA[ We have a range of other Herdwick products including Herdwick Wool Throws and Rugs, knitting yarns, Rugs and Herdwick Wool Dog Leads. Those who agree to maintain their land in accordance with sustainable farming practices also receive additional subsidies.[1]. Herdwick makes a range of beautifully designed Herdwick Tweed bags and accessories designed and made in The Lake District. Origins of the Herdwick. Spencer Hannah from herdy tells us: “The brief to Merrythought, England’s last remaining teddy bear manufacturer, was to make My Herdy Tup ‘complete’ with his two ‘most valuable assets’. David Ellison is an emerging contemporary photographer whose style combines portraiture, documentary and contextual landscape photography. })(); Price £119. Herdwick sheep, locally known as Herdy, spend their lives in the fells foraging for food without much supplement from additional feed. Crookabeck, Patterdale, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 0NP. // ]]> //