See our website for all the different types we stock. Hence, it is also very well suited to growing in containers. The ideal site for a box plant is in a deep fertile well drained soil in a sheltered partially shaded site in a temperate climate. The plants are photographed from all angles before a computerised trimmer snips around the foliage to create a symmetrical shape. Carefully clipped shrubs giving architectural structure to any garden large or small, Buxus Sempervirens commonly known as Common Box is a fantastic plant perfectly suited for shaping and sculpturing, lending itself extremely well to being trained into a ball shape. In our dedicated cloud nursery the box specimens are allowed to grow free-form, enabling the plants to begin ‘knitting’ together and start forming the amazing cloud-shaping process. Plus, highly realistic artificial topiary balls, spirals, obelisks and cones all created crafted in weather / UV resistant materials. Topiary is both elegant and eye-catching, perfect for adding style and structure to gardens and urban spaces alike. ... Nearly Natural 34 in. View Full Description It is also a good idea to trim box on a dry breezy day with a sharp tool as the cut edges will dry much quicker therefore reducing the chance of spores entering the plants. ... No longer exclusive to stately homes and castles, topiary plants are a British tradition that can bring a sense of class and luxury to your garden. We stock an extensive range of shapes and species including Box topiary, Yew, Photinia, Ilex crenata, Portuguese Laurel, Hornbeam and more. 40+ evergreen small-leafed shrubs and plants you can clip into neat and creative shapes. The best time to trim box topiary is late spring. Clipped using traditional topiary techniques, but with subtle contemporary curves, cloud hedges provide instant structure and architecture to any garden or space. When trimming for use as topiary, it is best trimmed a few times in the year to encourage tight neat growth. Find the best hedges for topiary - box and more! ... Buxus ‘English Box’ Topiary Ball 10″ Pot $ 98.99 $ 69.99. Shaping box plants gives a low maintenance and modern or formal twist to your garden. Also field grown, root ball plants are scooped out of the ground using machinery to keep their root system intact and wrapped in bio-degradable, hessian sacks. With patience, care and skilled or even novice hands your imagination and artistic talent and flare as a gardener can be explored using this useful plant, hopefully with extremely pleasing results giving, in time, great satisfaction with the resulting form. Common Box grows steadily at around 10cm per year increasing in all dimensions meaning it needs little attention but is fast enough to be encouraging. They come in a wide range of sizes, from 10cm to 2.5m so they're suitable for the majority of planting requirements. If it is particularly important to have perfectly matched topiary plants for your space, please speak to a member of our team on 01257 263873 And we'll check and measure our stock.Although topiary shaping is computerised, regular maintenance is required. Shop quality Real Topiary Trees including Ball, Pom Pon, Cone & Spiral to make your home beautiful. 99 Box. Best Artificial Pair of 30cm Purple Lush Lavender Long Leaf Topiary Grass Flower Balls **UV Fade Protected** 4.7 out of 5 stars 282 £29.99 £ 29 . The topiary tree or plant is characterized by small leaves of needles. Nevertheless, topiary trees are living plants, and no two are identical, but here at Hedges Direct, we do our absolute best to supply well-matched plants (where more than one of the same is ordered). DETAILS ADD TO CART. Japanese holly (Ilex crenata) Firstly, Japanese holly (Ilex crenata) has often been recommended for topiary, because it looks so like box. Topiary Box - Buxus Sempervirens. There are three other plants that can work as alternatives to box for simple topiary, but Jim has reservations about them. Mixed Native Hedging Packs - Blackthorn Based, Mixed Native Hedging Packs - Hawthorn Based, How Hedging Can Help Reduce Air Pollution. Topiary plants are a popular choice for creating focal points and drawing attention to your outdoor space. Topiary BoxHead TreeS. A carefully pruned selection of natural topiary balls, standard-trees, obelisks and shaped bushes in buxus sempervirens, disease-resistant Ilex crenata or moss. A classic Box topiary shape, these beautiful plants will add class and sophistication to your garden in beds or in containers. Topiary cones of Box or Yew are a favourite to use along driveways.Aside from the largest field-grown topiary shapes, almost all Hedges Direct's Topiary can be container grown, which makes them ideal plants for patios and urban garden design, in addition to tradtional garden planting. We have all sorts for all pockets. For example, Box topiary balls or spirals are commonly used on either side of the doorway to welcome guests. Cedar Pine Topiary with Round Green Growers Pot with 100 Clear Lights Model# LCPT4-304-24 $ 124 00 $ 124 00. With its neat growth habit this plant is a fantastic choice for adding living design and sculpture to your garden Topiary has been used historically in many different European gardening styles, from early Roman gardens through to modern day. Topiary Bay Trees - Laurus Nobilis. Box Topiary Garden Plants. PAIR of Large Topiary Evergreen Buxus Lollipop Standard Trees - Stylish Contemporary Box Ball Lollipop Trees Pair of Premium Quality Topiary Buxus BALLS - Stylish Contemporary PLANTS BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 79.99, today just 29.99 - Save £50! Topiary. Field grown, bare roots are young plants that are only planted when they are dormant, from autumn to spring. How to care for Buxus topiary trees Box prefers lime based ground… Shapes include topiary balls, pyramids, cones, spirals, standards, cubes and domes. Topiary is the art of clipping evergreen trees and shrubs into symmetrical shapes to create ornamental garden features. These new shoots can then be cut in midsummer to create a well-defined surface in whatever shape you wish. Please call the office if you would like any further details. Top Topiary delivers exquisite topiary for gardens and patios. Topiary Cone 30/40cm 3L Box (Buxus sempervirens) Buxus sempervirens Price: £23.99 Topiary Cones and Pyramids look stunning planted into containers, standing proudly at an entrance or doorway, planted en masse or even combined with softer plants, such as grasses and perennials, to add a contrast in texture. Box is most commonly used in Topiary, however, the likes of Yew, Portuguese Laurel and Japanese Holly have been experimented with, each creating its own unique, stunning look. We believe that you won't find better quality plants at a lower price. Spiral Shape Buxus Topiary just scroll to the bottom of the page. Similarly, the product today is clearly a function of the long-serving, creative, diligent and industrious staff. If you'd like more information about Box Spirals. Topiary plants cover a multitude of trees and shrubs that can be clipped and shaped to all manner of imaginings. Introduction To Topiary. Topiary clipping is as old as gardening itself dating back to ancient Egypt. Topiary is the ancient art form of shaping mainly evergreen trees into architecturally interesting shapes which enhance the garden.. Topiary plants are an excellent way to enhance pathways, archways or entranceways. Traditionally it is said you should trim box on Derby Day but any time from early summer is fine. Set … Plants, trees, shrubs, seedlings and more, at wholesale prices. Topiary, a term used to describe the pruning of plants, has been popular since the Roman times. If you know what you want buy online or come and get inspired at Grasslands Nursery in Cheshire Our fantastic ball shaped plants have been regularly trimmed into perfect spherical shapes in several sizes enabling a lovely effect to be achieved quickly enabling a great start to developing structure in the garden. Compare. Hedges Direct has a wide range of Topiary plants in a variety of popular species such as Box, Yew and Bay Laurel. The Artificial Plants Shop Artificial Buxus Double Ball Topiary Trees . Box is shade tolerant but for best results they should be planted in good soil with good drainage and in some sun. Below are our six top-selling topiary products followed by our topiary collections by shape. Buy topiary bay trees and olive trees from the leading online supplier of topiary plants and shrubs in the UK. We offer real topiary plants to sustain and grow in all Zones around the United States. Sign up to receive our newsletter and discount codes. ... (Box Faulkner) – Ball. Buy View. Browse our wide selection of Box topiary specimens ready trimmed to give immediate architectural effect in your garden. Topiary and cone shaped trees add character to your garden and are beautiful to look at. Our Guarantee to you. From box balls to yew ‘peacocks’, it is so versatile and striking that many are inspired to create their own piece of living architecture. This photo is from years ago, but I actually worked on this hedge again last week (early March 2020). Available as Ball shapes, Cone shapes, Spirals and other shapes in season. The best topiary plants among trees, shrubs, and herbs bear small leaves, like to be sheared, grow quickly, and have a dense branching pattern. These include for example holly oaks, bay trees, buxus (producing the famous buxus balls) and … Care and Maintenance Advice. DearHouse 3.2Ft Artificial Boxwood Leave Double Ball Shaped Topiary Plant Tree in Plastic Pot, 2Pack Potted Indoor or Outdoor Spiral Boxwood Trees 4.6 out of 5 stars 27 $149.99 $ 149 . We supply our trees with a clear stem of between 1.80 and 2.20 metres and a girth size of 18cm plus. The box plant (Buxus) is of course well-known for its structural qualities and it can add an interesting architectural feature to any garden. The ball shape is a good shape to begin practising topiary and trimming techniques as it is more forgiving shape than something like a pyramid. Topiary is used in classic and contemporary gardens alike, either as individual plants, a close matching pair of plants, or as block planting as in a parterre or knot … A box ball shape is great as an integral part of the structure of any garden but can also be an art form in its own right, adding class and sophistication to the grander garden but also beautiful in cottage gardens. Home » Topiary Plants » Box Topiary Plants. Read our full Root Types Explained guide here. There are a range of different plant species which lend themselves very well to the classic art form of topiary. The different aesthetics created by each species means there is a topiary ball look for every garden. Box has a slow growth rate, achieving 10-15cm a year so is easily maintained at your final, desired height. Carefully clipped shrubs giving architectural structure to any garden large or small, Buxus Sempervirens commonly known as Common Box is a fantastic plant perfectly suited for shaping and sculpturing, lending itself extremely well to being trained into a ball shape. Exotic Garden Flowers Citrus Trees Exotic Trees Succulents. Leylandii Hedging (cupressocyparis leylandii), Brachyglottis ‘Sunshine’ Hedging & Shrubs, Hardy Fuchsia Hedging – Hardy Fuchsia Shrubs, Monterey Cypress Hedging (Cupressus macrocarpa ‘Goldcrest’), Bergenia Cordifolia Purpurea Ground Cover, Candy Floss Tree Ornamental Trees & Shrubs, Box Pyramids - Egyptian Pyramid shape Buxus Topiary. Free delivery. You can use our Boxhead trees as hedges on stilts, instant screening or signature pieces to compliment your garden. Hello Hello! It has small leaves and can be clipped into shapes. Real Topiary Trees that grow in a garden. Late summer is the recommended time of year for clipping for various reasons such as the weather and being able to enjoy the tightly trimmed shapes for the most prolonged time - until May or June the following year.For more information on Topiary, including caring for your topiary plants and trees, we've put together a Guide to Topiary. Now read on to discover the best time to prune your boxwood… Growth rate of Boxwood topiary plants. If you think you can buy better, we'd like to hear from you. Hello Hello Plants & Garden Supplies. 1. This will encourage the development of side shoots. Buxus Topiary Balls Description Box Topiary Balls look fantastic in large containers such as wood planters or when planting into the ground to punctuate hedges. Now From £124.00 Was £155.00 | Save £31.00. We are a specialist box nursery located in Suffolk supplying box (buxus) trees for box parterres and knot gardens, box edging for potagers and herb gardens, box hedging, box topiary, bonsai and specimen box trees and shrubs. Topiary Our Full Range of Topiary Shrubs and Trees. If wanting to trim several ball shapes to exactly the same size, using a wire hoop to guide is a good idea. CHRISTOW Artificial Bay Tree In Pot, Large 3ft 4ft Tall Indoor Outdoor Garden Topiary Ball, Twisted Wooden Trunk, Realistic Lush Green Leaves, Home Office … All content © Copyright 2005-2020 Hedges Direct Ltd. Limited and protected under UK and international law. Box is an incredibly versatile plant that is perfect for trimming into topiary shapes, including balls, spirals and much more.. Pot grown plants can be planted year round and make a convenient option. Spirals, pyramids and lollipops are great for positioning either side of a doorway to add elegance and a touch of glamour, whilst well-maintained Buxus balls, perhaps positioned along a Box hedge, can be used to add a degree of sharpness and formality. As they are cheaper to grow, they are one of our most affordable hedge planting options. Box topiary spirals look fantastic planted alone, either in a garden border or in a container to decorate patios and balconies. You are here: Topiary - Olives & Other Plant Types. Do note all boxwood pruning times I talk about cover boxwood in any form – from topiary, to hedges whether large or small and around your vegetable patch, and even for boxwood trees. Topiary clipping is as old as gardening itself dating back to ancient Egypt.Topiary is used in classic and contemporary gardens alike, either as individual plants, a close matching pair of plants, or as block planting as in a parterre or knot garden. When available, our shorter clear stem trees are in Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus). Bougainvillea Topiary Silk Plant with Wood Box Model# 5227 $ 54 99 $ 54 99. Grown in troughs or bags that measure 50cm-1 metre in length and carefully clipped during the growing season. They can be placed symmetrically on either side of your doorway or used to create a focal point in the garden while complementing other hedging … They are also popular with show home developers and in towns, improving a balcony, front door or entrance to a property in this rounded form creating a great focal point in many situations. Our instant hegding troughs create a dramatic, instant hedge effect. 99 £32.99 £32.99 They are mature plants that provide dense coverage very early on, ideal for when you need a thick hedge quickly. Topiary is excellent for adding architectural flair and strong lines to your garden. National Tree Company 24 in. If you are looking for one buxus tree or thousands, for delivery anywhere in the UK or Europe, then we can help you. Price Promise. Topiary Art. Usually the trees or shrubs used in topiary are evergreen. SoilBuxus plants will thrive in any reasonable garden soil with adequate drainage. Sue and Simon have full admiration for the foresight and dedication of the founder. Like chocolate hob nobs – one is seldom enough! The Box Topiary nursery in Taupo was established some 35 years ago and remains the single, majority provider of mature buxus topiary throughout NZ. We lift bare root plants and despatch them during the season but they can be pre-ordered in summer. Topiary shaping is as much science as art. Topiary is the art of creating sculptures using Box, Privet or Yew. Topiary, a term used to describe the pruning of plants, has been popular since the Roman times. Unleash your artistic side with box topiary garden plants and trees. Being evergreen trees they produce dense foliage and … Topiary is the art of clipping evergreen trees and shrubs into symmetrical shapes to create ornamental garden features. However, it is a very adaptable plant, and will grow well in almost any situation except a permanently water-logged soil. Topiary requires full-light and is incompatible with shade. Fast-growing tubestock plants from $3.25