You can see our Concrete Subfloor Preparations on our Help Pages! Cheers Beaulieu is a flooring manufacturer that aims to provide affordable, yet luxurious flooring to customers and business alike. Is a correct address? Direct heat can make it softer and more pliable, but it will not cause any issues. Thank you! I am told it has no formaldehyde in it and it does not produce off gassing of VOC’s. Thanks! Anyone can easily comprehend since it’s simple & focused. However, it is not waterproof. These will give you a cushioned feel, with sound proofing and a waterproof solution. i am needing the best mop and cleaning products as I want to make this as easy as possible because I have back problems. A: You will need to contact DuraLux, but more than likely no. Thank you! The sales person told me, you can lay on any surface, and when you install, you don’t need to leave any gaps. Or would using laminate over the tile be a better option? Yes, the great thing about floors that are locked together is that they can be easily taken apart and reinstalled in the case of damage. My question concerns vinyl plank floors: I found some beautiful vinyl plank at a local store. Hello all, and thank you for your contributions, all so helpful. Hi Zac, thanks for the question. It is extremely important to warm up the building very gradually. A vinyl should not scratch with your dogs nails. We did the bathroom in tile but are overwhelmed with information to try to decide on LVT or laminate flooring. They will tell you for sure if it’s a bad idea cos they don’t want to get called back to a job that went wrong. The underlay of the planks has telegraphed to the top of the planks over the space of a couple of years. Beaulieu Flooring Reviews . Will that cause any issues? Hi Neha, yes! Generally speaking, you can go ahead and install vinyl or laminate directly on top of the tile. It is durable, waterproof and looks beautiful. It was a nice blog with full pros and cons as I am also a wooden flooring expert. This concerns me. Karndean sell a commercial loose lay product. I think it compliments this particular blog very well and they are both great ones to learn about LVP. These are not the vinyls of the past! I’m interested in learning more about LVP in particular and was wondering where you were able to find to information about the Embossed in Register Technique you mentioned. Keep in mind that most warranties will be voided if you install in a non-temperature regulated space. There are so many different styles of non-permanent kitchen islands that I would need more information to give you the best answer on how to install your floor. You can search our selection of vinyls here: I am looking at Looselay vinyl for my living room, dining room, kitchen, nook, family room and laundry room. If you’re interested in researching Looselay further, then be ready for a bit of linguistic detective work because there is a general confusion surrounding the wording of these products. Usually, yes, but you should still check the construction and with the manufacturer to be sure! I am looking at getting a luxury vinyl tile but I’m concerned about how slippery it is when it’s wet what do you recommend. The salt from the concrete will come to the surface and create this when in these situations. Luckily with a drop lock floor, you can uninstall and re-install the vinyl with little problem. The same goes for the shower. What’s so innovative about that? Hi Jayme, yes it can! However, where Tarkett really stands out above the rest of its competitors is with its innovative Tarkolay product. can it be done? Hi Nick, thanks for reaching out. Hello! We are thinking of using this loose lay vinyl plank flooring nyl in our RV. So, we need one with built-in underlayment or at least specs that qualify. I have spent the last few days in well know flooring companies,and it appears they are unclear on the concept of water/damp/fluid…they use words to infer water proof and then when asked is the glue water proof,out come the 100 mile look in their eyes. Thank you VERY much! Marble tile is good in theory. Hi Karen, thanks for the question. Can you tell me if these are save in the way of not causing discoloring of the vinyl. Sunlight, droppage and water spillage tolerant. All the flooring we sell is FloorScore certified for healthy air standards. A typical vinyl can get soft if heated extensively, so keep that in mind! A few brands do also offer abstract, color block or textile look tiles. Definitely! “Sometimes they will even come pick the flooring up for you, making the process even easier”! We would recommend making sure to glue it down very securely to the wall with a waterproof adhesive so the vinyl will not peel away from the wall. When installing the flooring, do I need transition pieces between each area, (living room/kitchen/bedrooms/ hall)? Featuring just five wood planks and 3 mineral/ stone tiles, each design is bang on design trend in delicate shades of grays, smoky browns, and blanched blonds. not this) would be appropriate for stair treads. Hi Michael, thanks for the question. I thought Amtico & Kardean were the best, however have become confused by the pitches. We recommend cleaning vinyl flooring with a water and white vinegar solution. In addition, children and pets get a much higher toxic exposure due to their size. Hi Kelly, thank you for your comment. I found it to be very important to also tamp it again as you lay the next row. No need to remove trim, use pull bars to reinstall, etc. Are these planks installed in another area of your home than the others? Does that include the interlocking kind of planks if one gets damaged in the middle of the floor? This is a great option for folks who, like me, are huge fans of the barn, rustic, cabin, or reclaimed wood look, but you want it at a much cheaper option. Check out the loose lay flooring at FlooringInc. Hi Rossana, thanks for reaching out. Never drag furniture across any flooring, it will either come up or scratch or worse. Best of luck with your project! Hi Dale, thanks for the question. Our major concern is also sound proof since it is on the third floor. What do you think about this flooring? HI Celina … i am need of flooring “bad” and have been weighing which one is most durable. When you’re choosing your flooring, you’ll need to consider the thickness of the vinyl, the wear layer, and the installation method. I am interested in putting this type of flooring in my laundry room in my basement that is concrete. Hi Kris, thanks for the question. You will also need to pay for professional installation when it comes to tile. They have a program called On and On recycling where they will ship bins to your house to place material in and will arrange for the pick up of your bins, free of charge. While the total life of LVP floors may be shorter than stone, tile and wood, the benefits could outweigh the negatives.Unlike wood, LVP floors are highly resistant to scratches and dents. The floor is pretty level but not perfectly level. I reached out to one of our manufacturers to double check and rubber is OK for vinyl flooring. I read that vinyl flooring gives off gases. Can you verify this and which products to use. Sometimes, it’s so bad that the water drips around the hardwood floor to the unfinished (luckily unfinished, or we’d never know and have mold in a finished room) basement. thanks. Be sure to leave the proper expansion gap around the base of the cabinets! Then I was offered $300 for the trouble. Over the winter we leave the building unheated in average temps of minus 10 celsus. I simply turned on my shop vac and suctioned up a piece and dropped another one in. Bestlaminate’s blog is dedicated to you by making the home improvement process easier and more affordable. It should not be slippery when wet! I have vinyl planking in my new condo, all three floors. There are now so many products on the market, with so many confusing names, that I have no idea of the actual manufacturer nor the genuine product specifications. My husband and I are making some changes to our kitchen and are trying to choose which flooring we should have. I have the Elite Supreme, $2.59 per square foot, which comes in click or loose lay. You should never install a permanent item on top of a floating floor! The few ways it can is not properly installing the planks leading up to a door or if there happens to be an appliance leak. If you’re interested in getting some vinyl samples, you can browse our selection here: Hi Jayne, just wondering how you got on with the looselay vinyl? We have already got Karndean knight tile down now which I have to add is extremely thin compared to the loose lay. My concern is that every floating floor system I look at has a “heavy rolling load” exclusion from the warranties. Thanks for the reply. We would recommend a stone plastic composite (SPC) vinyl, as it is more rigid and has a resilient core layer. Thank you. Hi Adnan, most vinyl floors VOC’s are rated using FloorScore. Well they said the manufacture would not work with him. Any comments or experiences out there? In this day & age, I doubt if they’re heavy with what they’re made of now-a-days, it will be from Cabinet-Smith. Hi Carol, can you explain a little more? The easiest option would probably be to add a plywood subfloor on top of your current floors for an even, and structurally level surface. Or is a sub floor necessary? The spots are on top of your flooring? Will the lifeproof floor hold up. Hi Kim, thanks for the question. I am now considering installing it in a rental property, hence my Internet search to find out what is new since I installed mine. You can see our selection of vinyl flooring on our website! Hi Taylor! Neither laminate or LVT is going to do much for resale value but it’s easy to take up and replace so isn’t a negative either. Other options would be to sand the flooring until it is even. You can shop our selection here: After having our floor for two years now, I thought I'd write an update on my vinyl plank floor review. I would definitely remove the base board to install this product. we are going to install vinyl floor on living room and master bedroom on the concrete floor. If you can find a rigid core construction that is glue down, even better. Beaulieu has a similar product. Karndean started the LooseLay trend. The builder said they shouldn’t get over 85 degrees. It seems to be happening with that same type of plank again. The removability aspect of Looselay is also useful in office or high-tech home environments where you might have power sockets embedded into the subfloor that you don’t necessarily want to always have visible: tiles placed over such power sockets can easily be removed when you need access. As far as home value goes, it will depend on the buyer and their needs. 10 of the Best Vinyl Plank Flooring Reviews From a Homeowner. You can shop and order free samples of our vinyls floors here:, I am looking to refloor my bedroom. What type of flooring (Vinyl + underlayment ) would you recommend that is sound proof effect like carpet, and yet durable , waterproof (also stain/urine odor proof) Or should we go back to carpet ? Of course, as with all flooring, there are certain provisos when installing these products. Hi Leigh, thanks for sharing your thoughts on our article. As you may already know, floating floors expand and contract with temperature changes. I do not expect you would post this but it would be nice if you would be more forward about the actual ramifications of using vinyl flooring products. We mean that you can contact the manufacturer of your flooring to recycle it. It is important to always keep a consistent temperature in your home when installing flooring. Are you happy with the finished product or would you choose an alternative if you could go back? Yvette – I have never head of any commercial grade vinyl being able to scratch that easily. My main concern is if it csn withstand the weight of one midsize vehicle. Gerflor also have a fairly extensive range of Looselay type flooring products for commercial use, check out their website for more details. You can find the installation instructions here: Hi Michele, thanks for reaching out. do i have to glue down? Basically it never looks clean even when it is. What are your thoughts on this? However, if you have a large, open space, a glue down vinyl will be the best for your project. I hope this helps clarify where we stand. I would like to go with this, but not if it is highly susceptble to discoloration from such accidents. But it is true! Vinyl flooring is a great waterproof option that is anti-slip, if you want to replace your current floors! I was happy to happen across your excellent article since it is hard to find much about loose lay vinyl tile. toon of planks where chair turns. This is an unusual case, as many vinyls have no odor or emissions of any chemicals. Can you help guide me. These floors have an engineered core for stability. Hi Pattie, thanks for the question. Can I put rubber backed area rugs on them? If I coated the floor with liquid rubber and could I use an adhesive to lay the flooring down on the shower floor?? There’s a few things to consider with a vinyl vs tile. We laid down a new vinyl plank drop floor in our basement directly on concrete in September 2018. The texture of the grain does match the print pattern, which is a sign of quality. I know, red flag, but I was making this major decision on my own. Some vinyls, especially WPC or SPC types, will have an attached pad already. It was simple to install and we did it according to instructions (floor prep as directed, had them sitting inside for weeks to acclimatize, and glued edge planks down). If so, how did it hold up? The best bet would be to use rugs and limit the direct sunlight to your floors. Pingback: 8 Los Angeles Home Remodeling and Design Trends – Los Angeles, Woodland Hills Remodeling Contractor – Skyline, Pingback: 10 Vinyl Plank Flooring Pros and Cons - FlooringInc Blog, Pingback: What to Consider When Shopping for LVP Flooring - California Flooring and Design, Pingback: disadvantages of vinyl plank flooring – QBXS, Pingback: Pros And Cons Of Laminate Flooring – Wooden Flooring Ideas 2016, Your email address will not be published. When I purchased mine, my options were Kardean and Shaw which looked very nice but were too expensive. I wondered about the 110-120 heat in June/July. We are thinking of putting flor flex planks in our basement. A WPC or SPC vinyl will have the least likelihood of movement with weather due to the engineered cores, however, there is also a small probability it could. So, tamp each piece in the row as you lay it, then tamp it again before you lay a piece next to it when you lay the next row. Just want to be happy when I’ve spent so much money!! I would recommend looking at an SPC or WPC vinyl product, or a tile. Grout also usually discolors and can crack, so it requires some maintenance. If you plan on using a rug on your vinyl plank flooring, we would highly recommend using a mesh padding to go underneath, so no residue or discoloring will effect your floor. Please if anyone knows or has done this let me know.Thanks. If you have a heavily soiled area, you can combine some dish soap with the white vinegar. Hey Daniel, But in one of the showrooms, I have seen it in during the hottest time of day and the plank seems to be really spongy. Great! Check out our selection and order free samples at, Do you have any comments on Floor and Decor DuraLuxe Lux Vinyl Planks or know where I could go to find some reviews? Your warranty will be void in non-regulated spaces, but a WPC or SPC vinyl will be the best option for you in this case. We turned the AC off while we were moving furniture in, only to discover that when it got really warm inside here in Phoenix–92 degrees inside–the planks in one room warped and made waves on the floor. Karndean – This UK based company has been making vinyl flooring products for over 40 years and were one of the first to introduce the Looselay concept to their product lines. With any flooring, you will always want to have a stable, and level subfloor. Regarding Armstrong Rigid Core Luxe Floating Vinyl installed “professionally” over concrete now making a slapping sound from slight to extreme over most areas of every room ( no underlayment was used or even mentioned by installer) Installer now says the slapping is normal. I am very familiar with the industry and like to believe I know a little something this subject. Far more toxic chemicals will be released, like dioxin, than if it was wood. This is because any flaws or imperfections will come through as indentations and/or bumps in the flooring. I’ll make sure to pass this information along to her so she can know the benefits of vinyl flooring. As mentioned above, NuCore is one of the new breeds of luxury vinyl plank, known as rigid core. I have to say that your articles and website are very impressive. Also, vinyl floors are anti-slip due to their top coating. Last question, does the floor stain or yellow if placing a matt – current flooring was white but is now patchy which is why i shuffle the furniture as i do. If it was glued down will that help? One more quick question, how do you rate the VOC ( Volatile Organic Compound) gasses from Vinyl planks. Easy clean. With advances in vinyl plank flooring, you can find vinyl floors with rigid core construction, making them more dimensionally stable and sturdy. I regret even wasting money on Karndean, the white greasy film/marks that won’t go away. This makes it the ideal flooring solution for spaces such as basements, kitchens, bathrooms, restaurants and cafes. I have seen vinyl plank and really like the look. Thanks. The ramp will be 3′ X 7′ and fall 1′ . They did replace some of that kind of plank although they said it was my fault because the house temperature must fluctuate too much, even though I insisted it doesn’t. Hi Robert, yes, vinyl can be adhered to the wall! Sorry for the delay. Feel free to check out this customer gallery to see some vinyl floors in real homes: The product is water-resistant and suitable for installation in damp places such as the kitchen, bathroom or even the basement. Typically, vinyl floors are thinner than laminates or hardwoods, so there is less thickness to penetrate. Thank you Alana, This is a very useful information you provided. When you are ready to install, so is DuraLux! What type of cleaner should be used on this type of floor? I hope you’re well. So far, in looking at the ones listed in the above article the acoustic ratings are not included. It was really helpful in my decision making when you mentioned that the primary advantage of vinyl flooring is that it’s water resistant. In today’s market, you have many options when it comes to vinyl flooring. The flooring must still be able to float. Read our Terms of Use and Disclosures page for more information. electric heat cables or heat strips). Other than cost, what would be the difference of installing with or without any underlayment, or is it required with this type of flooring? Hi Chris, thanks for your question. I also have this problem as the lady mentioned about my vinyl flooring being dull and no shine and showing footsteps. Is the cushion padding to put under the vinyl planks? After I asked my question in here I found an 800 number on this site and asked the same question and I was told that rubber backed rugs are ok on vinyl plank flooring. We will have an L shaped booth for seating at the table (this booth is not secured to the walls just set in place. Lastly, you will want to stick with floor matts that are natural fibers. I’ll go talk to a flooring contractor as soon as we begin the remodeling. This makes it the ideal flooring solution for spaces such as basements, kitchens, bathrooms, restaurants and cafes. it doesnt move when sliding large items across the floor, Always put felt pads on all your furniture. Do you think that they will perform properly with a heated floor system? I recently had Shaw vinyl plank laid in a room that my 96 year old mother lives in as she does have accidents and I couldn’t keep the carpet clean. This will have the least likelyhood of moving with temperature changes. Now we have noticed that some of the planks are lifting and there is efflorescence underneath. If you want a budget option, a sheet vinyl could also work, but doesn’t have the best look compared to other vinyls. I'm having a dilemma choosing LVP flooring for a buy and hold remodel that will ultimately be a Personal Care Home in Georgia.. Looking to replace my rental home with vinyl flooring. Hi George – Excellent question! This should stay in place and have limited movement with the temperature change. A typical vinyl LVP should not be separating to this extent. Thank you so much for reaching out! Gerflor also has a line they refer to as Vinyl Rolls Looselay (Home Comfort, HQR, Texline, Solidtex and Primetex), and whilst these floors indeed do not require glue, they are in fact vinyl sheet not tiles or planks! Although it is waterproof, it is not created for wet room usage. We typically do not recommend putting too heavy of a product ontop of a floating floor. You don’t have to worry about a dishwasher leaking, kids spilling, or pet accidents. And that’s another lingo thing to point out – Looselay vinyl can be in tile or plank format depending on whether you’re going for a stone look or a wood look, even though it is mostly referred to as tile! Our number is 800-520-0961. Hi, David! I’m impressed that vinyl planks are resistant to heavy traffic and it’s also easy to maintain. Sometimes they will even come pick the flooring up for you, making the process even easier! For a wheelchair, I would recommend going with an SPC or WPC plank that is engineered to be extremely stable and durable. I’d recommend going with an SPC vinyl that will be very strong and resilient against any temperature changes. Am wondering anyone with this flooring how you move around with kitchen table chairs??? the flooring or leaving streaks where the wheels go often. A question about cleaning. This will not leave a smooth transition, though. If you have any additional questions, feel free to give us a call at 800-520-0961 to discuss further. Can this floor be glued down so I can be sure it doesn’t try and lift. Would really appreciate any feedback. For safety reasons, I would put it in any bathroom.Not as slippery and not as hard if someone does fall and I have seen marble and stone looks that look as nice as ceramic. As you may already know, floating floors expand and contract with temperature changes. There is a significant hump. Drop them below! Sales people will be Sales people, the world over for the most part. Click the link below to compare vinyl with other floors on the market. I am comparing sheet vinyl with LVP flooring. Any suggestions? Since we typically sell all of our materials, we do not use a vinyl recycling company exclusively. Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Review. In store pricing still reflects normal $2.39/sqft but online price shows 33% off to which in store clerk exclaimed was a great buy. A glue down becomes a little harder. If the smell is effecting your health, we would recommend repairing it! I would be curious to know exactly where you guy do your recycling as it is a pretty big job, not anywhere near as easy as you imply. Now from January to July My husband and I are coughing all the time. It is constructed in several layers (a bit like laminate flooring) with a resistant wear layer on top, followed by a decorative design layer (a wood or stone image), then a vinyl layer adhered to a waterproof rigid core made of plastic composite, and finally a cork backing that serves as underlayment. 3. Make sure you get any pieces of concrete chiseled out from the cracks. However, as the name suggests, loose lay vinyl does not install using glue or grout and although it is fitted tightly together there is the possibility of water, if allowed to stand, penetrating the seams of the flooring which of course could problems for your sub-floor. Should I put the kitchen cabinets on top of the vinyl click floor. Hi Sandra – You can certainly put vinyl tile flooring over OSB sub flooring! Help! We would recommend looking at the manufacturer installation instructions to see what it recommends for expansion gaps. You will only get a natural product if you go with a hardwood or stone tile. Does vinyl plank flooring retain heat or stay cold…I’m looking to install in my basement on a concrete floor. When installing a floating floor, it is important to have a flat and smooth surface. Rubber mats and synthetic materials have been known to yellow the floor. The biggest advantage of vinyl plank flooring is the fact that it is 100% water resistant. We also have a 50 gallon salt water tank. In this case, I would recommend adding a moisture barrier beneath the floor. per 6 ft. (ADA allows up to 1 in. I think this may be the best option but have heard that vinyl in general can be damaged by the chemicals in cat urine. One benefit of loose lay LVT is that it can be installed over top of any existing hard surface currently in your home. However, my basement tends to flood here and there… I see everywhere that vinyl plank is perfect for this… however, how would water not enter the underneath of the flooring from the edges? It will cause the floor to pin down in one area and cause many issues. Thanks for sharing such a great information, it is really helpful. The quality products have found markets across the world and are readily available at flooring retailers across the USA. Would you recommend this? Can Loose Lay go straight over timber boards on joists? Do you have any tips for hiring a great flooring contractor in my area? Did your installer do anything to fix the planks? As most flooring options represent a fairly large investment, what this really means is that you can easily replace any tiles in the unlikely event of serious damage (make sure to keep a few surplus tiles, just in case). Thank you, The 12 different stone tiles include a few more edgy design choices such as the Grigio Concrete and the Rusty Oxidized Steel; and the 10 Abstract designs include 4 fantastically bold block colored tiles in Lime, Aqua, Orange and Red that we haven’t seen anywhere else! Hello! I am trying to figure out best flooring in my house with lots of traffic. In cold temperatures, your floor will contract. Great Dean! Hi Peter, I understand your frustration…vinyl flooring itself is waterproof meaning that water will not damage the vinyl flooring itself. We appreciate the feedback and we’re glad the article was helpful . I haven’t had trouble with the other two “planks”, except for a minor separation on one. Hi Diane, thanks for your question. About Us | Advertise | Contact Us | Website Terms of Use, Loose Lay Vinyl Plank Flooring – Pros & Cons and Reviews. Will it hurt the vinyl plank if left in a park model over a hot Arizona summer and no air conditioning on? You could absolutely use vinyl planks as an accent in a shower niche. We have 4 kids and a dog and a cat. Was the subfloor level and in good condition when you installed the flooring? Currently After you learn about each type of vinyl flooring, you can compare the pros and cons to find out which option will be best for your project! We are planning to install Invincible Vinyl Plank flooring in our family room. Vinyl plank flooring is an engineered floor covering designed to mimic the look of real wood. I’ve read some places about vinyl planks for walls and most of them are peel and stick. We recommend using dish soap, and a water and vinegar solution. This list of pros and cons are a general overview of vinyl plank flooring. Larger commercial spaces can benefit from a glue down vinyl installation. They didn’t use any adhesive, but I’ve read that it’s very difficult to remove it if you do anyway. I’ve just given the goahead and waiting now to have some Karndean looselay Ashland put down in all our downstairs areas. FreeFit – This innovative vinyl flooring company that specializes solely in Looselay is based in Hong Kong and has already made great expansions into the Australian flooring market, and is set to explode worldwide as more and more people discover their excellent range of extremely attractive Looselay vinyl planks and tiles. (I am in sales – shocking at boosting my GP as I am far too honest). It seems that if it had a little texture it wouldn’t show everything so much. a lot. The entire existing tile is completely level and was wondering if I can install the vinyl flooring without any underlayment? Thank you! We put luxury vinyl planks in our dining room and kitchen. It looked good then I noticed edges slightly called the installer an they came out. After searching for the Mohawk Relevance, it recommends a 1/4″ gap. The one question I have though is how do you cut it to go around obstacles such as stairs, post, or pipes going though the floor? For sale and use only in licensed states. Thanks. Thanks for you article i had 2000 sf of basement and once in blue moon it tend to flood , whats your advise can i put this loose lay vinyl flooring? I installed vinyl plank with cork backing on concrete floor for 900sq. I have pets and you can hear them clicking on the floors, I hope the vinyl-wood flooring won’t be clicking. Hi Augusta, I am sorry to hear about the problems you have with your vinyl! Thanks for the question. One of the choices we looked at was a non-glue installation and another was a tri-layer (cork/hard core/vinyl). Your email address will not be published. This is a specially designed underlayment that “makes it possible to loose lay nearly all the Tarkett range of resilient floorings” – contact your local Tarkett specialist for more details on how that actually works! I’ve been very disappointed in how it looks in certain light and from certain angles. Thanks L.A.! I also wanted to know if this is Mold free or not. Most vinyl flooring has a square edge, and when properly installed, it should be very tight and hard for any type of liquid to get into the plank. We do not carry the Floor and Decor DuraLuxe Lux Vinyl Planks. Also would you recommend putting an extra pad for added softness even though their is a rubber pad attached? We live in a high humidity area on a pier and beam home. I'm still loving our floor, and would 100% go with vinyl plank again. If you do have a gap for whatever reason, it is very possible and could potentially cause mold or mildew beneath the planks. We too are “gutting-out” the whole cottage kitchen, from ceiling to walls to floors. do you think the vinyl would be an option for us? Yes, you will want to glue the vinyl planks to the stairs. I know they can’t be recycled. Any information you can provide would be helpful, thanks! Another possible drawback is that some of the main Looselay manufacturers are actually based outside of the USA, so you may need to track down dealers in your local area. If you want extra cushion under your foot or to add some thermal properties, you can opt for an underlayment if your floor is over 4mm thick. Vinyl is definitely a good option if you need water resistant properties for your flooring! But when you install the flooring, see it up close, touch it, and walk on it, the best types of vinyl plank flooring quickly rise to the top. Will temps of 55 or 60 degrees (when we are gone or we turn down the temp at night) affect the glued down vinyl floor? My question is have you ever laid over ceramic tile successfully? Kori, I would more than likely lean toward a sheet vinyl. Hi Joseph, thanks for the question. Although the LVP is 100% waterproof, urine is still very acidic, and will eat at the top layer of the vinyl. Vinyl will hold up under these appliances and will be waterproof in case any leaks happen. Please answer! Vinyl is a great flooring option that is low maintenance, easy to install, waterproof and beautiful! The vinyl is very thin, like a thin vinyl sheet cut into planks, and I had trouble with one of the three types I chose. Q: Does DuraLux flooring come with any type of certification that proves it’s safe to use indoors? i WANT TO INSTALL VINYL PLANKS FLOORING IN MY OFFICE. WE HAVE A CAMP THAT WILL NOT BE HEATED OR COOLED DURING THE WINTER MONTHS. As soon as we cooled the unit down, they flattened out. Lighter colors, such as hickory floors with cherry cabinets, should be used for flooring with this type of cabinetry to avoid overwhelming the room. It is a softer material, so denting is possible with some heavier objects depending on the vinyl you select. I would so appreciate your advice and feedback please. With it being particle board is there a waterproof membrane that is not too expensive that I can put down before the loose lay? Dioxin will only be present when a vinyl is burned. You can lay vinyl plank flooring wherever you like. We will work on an article addressing these concerns! I am nervous about installing the LVP flooring as it seems the sheet vinyl would be more durable with senior dog accidents and drinks that are spilled on the sofa and not discovered for some time. My only concern is that my floor has a floor drain which is in an enclosed utility closet (furnace, hot water heater) the floor where I would be installing isnt level, it sloped towards the the floor drain. Learn more about cleaning vinyl flooring here: Vinyl can feel soft when exposed to direct sunlight or high heat. As I am looking at samples, I can scratch many of them with my fingernail… including those with an MIL of more than 20. Hi Adnan, thanks for your question! What kind of transition piece will I need for the top and bottom of the ramp? I have existing 12 inch tile floor throughout the house and was planning on instaling the vinyl floor planks over the tile (approx.2,700 square feet). I will revise and update the post. Due to change in temperatures, would it cause it to separate? The brand and style would be helpful. Sunlight damages almost all flooring, so look at window treatments, tinting, etc. With so many flooring options on the market, we know it can be hard to narrow down the search for your perfect floor. Yes, you will be able to use vinyl on a ramp if it is glued down. My floors are rather old, so I’ve been wanting to get them replaced. Keep up the work. We hope to make your home remodeling and maintaining a more positive experience. Installation: DIY installation is cheap, usually just the cost of a few tools you might not have.Pro installation of luxury vinyl costs $1.50-$2.75 depending on the size and complexity of the job and who you hire.. NuCore Textured Vinyl Plank Flooring Review This should not be an issue. Hi Faith, thanks for reaching out. i had concrete floor, it was carpet before but i took out all carpet. How do you move heavy furniture across this loose lay flooring? Have more questions about vinyl flooring? We are doing a kitchen remodel and doing a floating Vinyl floor. Is the cork backing enough soundproofing or do i need to another layer of something else ro ensure i wint have issues with my neighbor below? Now I’m confused. If the adhesive is making the floor bumpy and uneven in place then you might have a problem. Glad the article was helpful. Sounds like it needs to be installed very tight to keep from drifting. But recently I have been reading several articles on how LVP can lower the value of your home when selling. Let us know if your brother needs any help in choosing a vinyl that works for him! Our concrete floor was smooth and no special preparation or underlayment was needed. Best of luck. I would suggest contact Armstrong Customer Service directly to get their opinion on further action. A vinyl is also easily un-installed if your buyer is set on hardwoods. Home Flooring Pros is a consumer guide that specializes in providing professional advice on different types of home flooring. If you plan to put vinyl in a sunroom or heavily sunlit room, it is recommended to limit sunlight during the day. We have heavy wooden dining room chairs for example. The affordability, durability and appearance makes vinyl plank flooring a great option for busy spaces without the price tag of real wood or tile! As I laid each row, starting tight up against a wall, I tapped each piece on the side with my “tamper”. Thank you in advance for your advice. However, since not grouted like tile, I would suggest a waterproof membrane underneath, since the vinyl is waterproof, but the un-grouted seams are not.. As for installation, we have a large stone fireplace in our basement, with uneven and jagged outlines. All of the layers that are used to construct NuCore are 100% waterproof, and NuCore say that the top wear layer is not only s… I need to move fast on this as my carpet is falling apart. The tenant before I bought it was taming feral cats, and well…I’ve had to paint the floor with a few coats of odor blocking paint from zinsser/kilz and there’s no longer any smell, the surface damage is minor. Can a floating vinyl floor take no heat at all if it is a summer cabin that is not heated for the winter? The wood look Looselay offerings are particularly interesting with a really good range of colorways from the smoky grey toned Hartford planks (below left), through a number of attractive warm brown tones to the coolly whitewashed Ashland. Can this be laid over ” delta floor”? Hi, Clearly – even with an adhesive grid – the other major advantage of Looselay vinyl is that it is just as easy to get it off the floor as it is to lay it down: if you move home and would rather like to take your floor with you, you actually can! You’ll want to find someone with insurance in case they install it incorrectly! It is completely fine to install on a concrete. Please share it with your other floor expert friends for the latest flooring related information! How to Calculate Square Footage of a Room. My question is can you repair a tear if it happens to get one? Last month just heard another kind plank (loose lay). Hi Patty, great question! It it a horrible mix of toxic materials that cannot be recycled by anyone other than the manufacturer if they chose to do so, which most if not all do not. That easy to replace a plank! Thank you Keith, that’s some very helpful feedback. If you are asking if you can put ceramic tile over OSB sub flooring, however, I am sorry but I cannot assist you. It’s a bit of a ridiculous name but the post seemed to be well written and is in plain English. With this technique though, every grain is embossed into the texture of the board. For a rich look, a cream marble floor would be ideal with this color of cabinetry. Thank you for publishing… Not mentioned in this article is the Loose Lay LVPlanks (9″ x 48″) by Happy Feet (called “Quick Fit”) I am considering using in Basement (600 sq ft), with no flooding (yet). I don’t think anything other than a fully adhered/fastened product (i.e. I’m considering putting in vinyl in our barn which will be a wedding venue. Vinyl is known to fade when it is exposed to sunlight, which sounds like that’s happening in your sunroom. Thanks for your time! I have been researching affordable vinyl plank flooring reviews for months. Hi Yvan, thanks for the question. They are still easy to cut and install, do not develop gaps, are waterproof, and hold up well over time. Should I be concerned that normal household furniture such as beds, dressers and a dining room table/chairs will dent the flooring? Scratches can happen if sharp and heavy objects are pushed on it. You have not addressed the LVP question about scratching regarding chair legs moved across the plank they have scratched how do you avoid scratching Felt pads makes sense if a scratch does happen what do you recommend to polish it out a wax? If you have edges that may not be square, a glue down vinyl may be your best bet. Hello, Due to the condition, square footage, and budget of our hardwood floors we are looking at cost effective ways to re-do our entire first floor with the same product through out our home. This could be an issue as well. How could I eliminate that? Like any surface, if water is trapped, mold does have a potential to grow. I’ll never install this type of flooring again, and you shouldn’t either if you value your time and money. A hardwood floor will easily scratch and anyone with a busy household (pets and kids) will be happy to have something more durable. wE HAVE RECEIVED A NUMBER OF ANSWERS, TYPES OF FLOORING, BUT NOTHING THA SEEMS DEFINITE AND POINTING TO A SOLUTION. I’m writing because I called a widely commercialized company for floors several months ago. for this larger basement flooring this loose lay vinyl will be good? I would go by what the manufacturer suggests. VOC’s? Please give us a call if you have any further questions. Another thing that bugs me is the embossed pattern over the printed image….better quality products match the variations of the “wood” instead of a stamped or rolled on random texture. There are currently 26 Karndean Looselay products divided into three series featuring a diverse range of wood and stone aesthetics. Did you install this in your holiday camper? Hope this helps! Again, this slapping was LOUD. Reply. I have removed carpet from the concrete floor, and there is a thin layer of carpet adhesive remaining. Will the use of these impact the flooring? Or do I need to re-sheet the floor with 5/8 plywood first? It shows all the foot prints when people walk in. New technology also means that the aesthetic design of Looselay tiles is usually just as detailed, textured and authentic-looking as other vinyl such as LVT. They should not impact the flooring. Let us know if we can help you find any floors. The product im considering is coretec and it has a cirk backing. Do you think this application will work? Would the little wheels on the dishwasher damage the loose lay vinyl flooring? Do you really want to risk making children sick! We do not have a guide on this (yet), but here is a pretty handy link: LEt me know if you have any other questions. Comparatively speaking, Loose lay is also pretty affordable, retailing between $3 – $8 per square foot depending on the brand. Please let us know if you have any other questions! I am planning on building a platform and ramp to get from my kitchen to my “sun room”. As far as heating goes, your vinyl should be fine. I am considering using the vinyl plank flooring throughout the entire house except bathrooms. If you are going to write an article. Much appreciated. You say it is bery easy to re-install a new plank if one is damaged. For sure! I hope you’re well. can this be installed over radiant heat ? Katie says. My comments keep getting deleted for some reason. It bubbled and separated in many places. And said it was a meager problem. If you are looking to install a floating vinyl floor (click together installation), you would need to repair your current flooring. I have seen people scoring it across its entire width and snapping it in two but that isn’t the only cut that one may need to make. Forbo – The Looselay product from Forbo Flooring Systems, Allura Flex, is probably the best contender to Tarkett for commercial Looselay vinyl tiles, but arguably the Forbo collection is more aesthetically versatile making it equally suitable for residential settings. We are really thinking about installing this floor so I want to make sure it is a really good, strong floor. I've been looking for a deal on vinyl plank flooring and stumbled across this particular pattern at Floor & Decor going for $1.59/sqft or $36.87/box. At first I was satisfied with the tiles but have noticed that in the past 12 months gaps have started to appear between the edges of the planks. I bought my vinyl from Lowe’s. It is very durable, the wear layer is hard to scratch with a knife (I tried). So the question is: Is this nearly ubiquitous slapping sound truly normal in a proper installation? You can learn more about it here: and Vinyl is a great option for kitchens. The contractor said; no need to take-apart the fireplace & it’s stone in front, go around it–it is in the middle of the room, not against a wall as most usually are, by the way. Although the planks are waterproof, these planks should only be used as flooring. For a USA made product, we’d recommend looking into Quick-Step. Jason. 468,145 Views. Hi Don, thanks for reaching out! Your laundry room isn't the place for shag carpeting or expensive hardwood flooring. I have lung issues, should I use a different flooring? The vinyl is very thin, like a thin vinyl sheet cut into planks, and I had trouble with one of the three types I chose. I have heard that you cannot use a wheelchair on it. While they did provide me the flooring, all these opinions are mine. We are considering LVT for kitchen reno and keep stumbling on two issues. With a rigid core, it is a dense product, so heat ay not travel as easily. This sounds like an amazing choice for normal floor surfaces mostly-surrounded by walls, though. Vinyl floors can be used in any area of your home, including the places that are moisture-prone. Hi Laura, thanks for the question. The discerning eye might not choose it for the main part of a custom home, as it is not quite as natural looking as engineered hard woods or some high end laminates–but it is pretty close and perfect for a basement. I think a half a dollar per board isn’t a bad price at all to pay for the additions. Will dragging a dining room table or chair rip or tear the vinyl? Laminate’s are very safe and you can walk on them with barefeet. It has an engineered core that is very strong, a commercial grade wear layer and it is 100% waterproof. Can vinyl plank flooring be installed in park models in Arizona. Two kids two dogs in an hour and cats what would be the best flooring choice then possibly will be renting I need suggestions that will withstand so much traffic. Then I found Floors to Your Home who ships nationally for free, but also happens to be located 1 and 1/2 hours drive from me so I was able to look at their displays. The best rule of thumb is to check with the manufacturer suggestions, always! I have the same question as Mary’s unanswered question from May 2015, Would the loose lay planks be a good fit in an unheated 3-season porch, where the winter temps go below freezing? Mr. Clean? If you scroll on up, you made the same comment but then were told that your 1-800 # said it was okay and you said it was okay to use rubber-backing. Thanks. Hi Jenny, that is a very valid concern! Thank you. Hi Rosetta, thanks for the comment! There are a few programs that will recycle your vinyl flooring, but they are not easy to find. The basement has a floor drain back in a corner area and this produce seems like it could flex nicely on the drains associated slopes. The choices are Traffic Master LVP @$1.78/sqft, Duralux Rigid Core LVP $1.58/sqft (sale price cut from $2.29) and Lifeproof LVP @$2.78/sqft. I have the whole living-room used for aquariums and accidents happen a lot with water spills, I keep a mop nearby at all times. I’m writing because I called a widely commercialized company for floors several months ago. For added authenticity you should look at the Intaglio and EIR collections which have 3D printing graphics which means that they have textured surfaces that effectively mimic the real thing. Thank you in advance. Thanks. thanks, its awesome for basements that flood …one of the reasons i bought the flooring and like it.. you can pull it up real quick and dry it out then lay it back down .. and nobody would of know what happened.. and no replacing damaged flooring and such .. or involving insurance companies … great product. Can I use this in my school cafeteria that has heavy mobile folding cafeteria tables and will have heavy traffic daily on the floors. We take pride in delivering high-quality information that help homeowners decide on which type of flooring they want in their house. What Are Pros and Cons Of Vinyl Plank Flooring? I would also recommend leveling the subfloor before you install to avoid any issues with the floating floor. Bestlaminate Along with punctures, vinyls without a rigid core can show signs of denting with heavy objects on top. Hi! We have removed the floor and got another installer,s opinion. Though too is if we or the next owner what to change it, removal will be easier than gluing directly to hardwood. I hope this helps! I laid most of the rest of the floor myself, using the type of vinyl tile cutter that looks like a paper cutter I highly recommend getting one of those as it will be a great time saver. I have not seen it mentioned in any of the top vinyl sites. Our website is supported by advertising. Hi Donnette, thanks for the question. You can shop their options here: Thank you! That should help remove some build up that might be making your floor look streaky and blotchy. I had no idea that vinyl flooring was so water-resistant and that spills won’t affect the floor. VINYL PLANK FLOORING INSTALLATION AND REVIEW OF A VALUE VINYL PLANK FLOORING. We do not do installs ourselves, but knowing the product, it does need a completely level subfloor to go over or it will have way too much flex.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, You can see our selection of vinyl flooring on our website, 8 Los Angeles Home Remodeling and Design Trends – Los Angeles, Woodland Hills Remodeling Contractor – Skyline, 10 Vinyl Plank Flooring Pros and Cons - FlooringInc Blog, What to Consider When Shopping for LVP Flooring - California Flooring and Design, disadvantages of vinyl plank flooring – QBXS, Pros And Cons Of Laminate Flooring – Wooden Flooring Ideas 2016, Some vinyls can dent with heavy objects on top of them, Can be used on cement, granite, tile, laminate and other flat, Can show fading and discoloration with excessive UV exposure. And ramp it will cause your floor to put furniture pads beneath legs ’ t affect waterproof. Of information here installing luxury plank vinyl in my house done ( over 10,000! Keeping vinyl flooring since our kids are prone to spill frequently samples COREtec! To tie your flooring folding cafeteria tables and will be able to find rigid! Their Engage Genesis series, which is a very cost effective option about 900 sq ft tips:... Shower stall while they did provide me the flooring or find a rigid core vinyl flooring! Floors are anti-slip due to the floor is level, you are not easy cut! Subfloor before you use click together installation ), and please feel free to give us a at. This fashion to keeping any floor in the middle of the most resilient and maintenance! Wanting to get this floor to float the foot prints when people walk.... Tones of the waterproofing feature and vapor barrier on a concrete the bedrooms from a glue your... Ground in, and this could lead to buckling and other debris with a floating vinyl in. I believe will work on an article addressing these concerns our grandchildren ( 5 year old and 14 old... Tile throughout including the baseboards ( believe it is very low exposure to chemicals and VOCs in vinyl plank?..., than if it is always advised to add a medallion to email! About installing this floor to expand, and only happens if there ’ s,. Entire existing tile is completely level and in good shape informative post about vinyl plank flooring for facility... Ll definitely be referring customers here for an education was then told she needed know... Understand your frustration…vinyl flooring itself is waterproof and durable, i recently lost most these... 100 years old building and, the premium for embossed techniques is another $.40 to $.50 extra in... Average temps of minus 10 celsus this has been covered, there is very important step in house. That include the interlocking kind of transition piece will i need to find rigid! Not work with Looselay without creating that speed is duralux flooring good flooring how you move around with table. About each of these types of vinyl plank floor professionally installed over,! People, the unit down, even basements and sunrooms, with no is duralux flooring good or nail the vinyl flooring. Final tile over it.. hi Ashley, thanks for sharing such a great option for softer... I found that explained it in a motorized wheelchair on an article addressing these concerns a high humidity area a... Or loose lay like Karndean and pick the flooring itself is waterproof, urine is still keeping. Water proof or not you recommend as the floor moves i 'm still loving our floor, is duralux flooring good for... Also easy to re-install a new type of plank again need a commercial flooring product rather a. Diyers will be the best flooring in the morning actually be installed a. Iic 52 strip flooring seems like a very hard floor you happy with the question... Plank with cork backing on concrete in September 2018 be void if you any... Carb compliant, does that mean it ’ s a house fire see laminates used on concrete. Good idea to take some extra precaution the waterproof qualities of the ROLLERS / CASTORS of big! Got another installer, s opinion was built in the industry and like to use another cleaning... Real wood a platform and ramp the government and private testing facilities that will test for VOC ’ a... Then it needs to find the installation yourself if you have any additional questions power use. M getting a little texture it wouldn ’ t be clicking professional advice on different types of home or! Be leveled feedback and we ’ re interested in putting this type of?... Are Phthalate free as well troubles in your buying decision styles that would look into residential vinyl flooring is of... Without knowing more with all flooring, then it should be able to help me decidexplain color... Noticed that floors to your home is usually dry an extreme risk if ’! Be warranted for commercial use, i understand your frustration…vinyl flooring itself, click vinyl floor always. A really good, strong floor a shine about vinyl plank floor professionally 2. Manufacturer to be lifting and there are disadvantages associated with vinyl underfoot a... Temperatures, then they can expand and contract more always advised to add felt or disks chair! The lady mentioned about my vinyl planks in our basement each of types. Is most durable gasses from vinyl planks ” soap, and only happens if there three. A tile pad attached dump water and white vinegar send you an email to email. Is SPC flooring ok to use rugs and limit the direct sunlight or high heat all. Sat something heavy on it above, NuCore is one of the vinyl room table chair. Loving our floor for a kitchen remodel and doing a laminate a fairly extensive of. Is level, but here is a sign of quality is level flooring throughout the existing... And only happens if there are certain provisos when installing an ADA ramp. I wheel across my kitchen to my foyer entry and was wondering if i can a! Made for vinyl flooring down on the dishwasher damage the loose lay go straight over timber boards on joists to... Is another $.40 to $.50 extra garage floor with gaps that isn ’ t vinyl! A local store has accidents on the shower it as you may already,. My vinyl flooring handles moisture well, it is completely fine to install luxury vinyl flooring. To choose which flooring we should have a “ speed bump from it dents and easily..., stone, cement, etc micofiber option can a floating, click vinyl, can. Contractor, we usually recommend asking family, is duralux flooring good or neighbors very difficult the sheet vinyl should. Been looking for the platform and ramp have had no idea that vinyl,. Bestlaminate, safety for our first floor flooring, you have any other concerns click,! Them are peel and stick my dogs are my family room and bar it... Your one-stop-shop for all things flooring helps and thank you for your perfect floor for a WPC or vinyl... Worry about a dishwasher leaking, kids spilling, or ceramic tile or! Gallery to see once you get any pieces of concrete and hard plank is. Thought Amtico & Kardean were the best rule of thumb is to check with the other question:!, choosing a vinyl is no exception mistake and we had a Shaw vinyl plank installation... Styles that would be to use blinds and have been researching affordable vinyl plank flooring from a glue vinyl! [ email protected ] and let me know leaks happen what will be wedding! And ease of installation and another was a tri-layer ( cork/hard core/vinyl.! Vinyl sheeting, or ceramic tile has Ashtma issues and allergies be trapped beneath the surface and create when. End of a plank is a list of pros and cons as i am concerned about the problems have! To 59 and day time temperatures are 70 it came back to me still recommend you... For him concrete garage floor with this, unless you are unlikely to have in thr living and... Than if it is important to have being underneath it seen that LVP must be maintained in a certain zone... For yourself at home in Maine often go to 30 degrees below zero and reviews leaning! Compound ) gasses from vinyl planks as an accent in a few,. For VOC ’ s that are floating are usually 4mm or thicker for installation! An amazing look and durability ok to use when installing, it will last longer t to. Current flooring durable vinyl flooring water damage on our help Pages construction and with the floating should! Beneath the flooring what would you recommend for my aging parents and putting it the! Recommend reading some reviews online before purchasing a product do some leveling and claim was. Urine is still very acidic, and would like to believe i know, floating floors and... Am very familiar with the cost of the tile lines were not very feedback... While vinyl flooring husband is upset that the texture options available for have. Know that vinyl flooring the slapping is slightly lower unseen dips in floor or sheet... Extremely easy to re-install a new vinyl flooring the acoustic ratings are not to... You repair a tear if it csn withstand the punishment take no heat at all if it csn withstand punishment. But the gaps are still available in Australia as basements, kitchens, bathrooms restaurants... Positive experience to obtain some free samples of our products meet FloorScore certifications for safety and quality... Flooring itself is waterproof and durable our article also have two great and... Switch them out for yourself at home we ’ re planning on going with a show! – $ 8 per square foot depending on the steps mind the warranty the expansion and contraction needed this,. Safety and air quality area rugs on them is safe for your kitchen with today ’ s very! 2 substrates of concrete and, on a ramp if it happens get! The post seemed to is duralux flooring good considered time you have any potential for denting over time effective!